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Let us provide you with the ice to keep your events cool!

Bagged Ice

Whether you need ice for your next cocktail party or to keep your perishables cold, we’ve got you covered. Our crystal clear bagged ice is perfect for any special occasion or activity. Think Cold Star Ice for the right size bag to fit all of your cooling needs. Available in three convenient sizes:


The Fridge Pack - 5 lb. bag


The Avalanche - 20 lb. bag


The Big Chill - 38 lb. bag

Block Ice

We offer super solid, crystal clear slabs of block ice in sizes ranging from 10-300 lbs. Our block ice is perfectly suited for sculpting or for long-lasting bulk cooling power. Contact our team to find out where you can order block ice today.

Snow Cone Ice

Craving a sweet and crunchy snow cone treat? Cold Star Ice can shave up the perfect amount of snow cone ice for your kid’s birthday party, the local carnival or a fun sporting event.

Dry Ice

We stock dry ice in block form (most common), pellets, and blast form and in sizes ranging from 7-300 lbs. Give us a call at (800) 456-4ICE to discuss your use and place your order today.

Dry ice has many applications – food preservation, camping, shipping, emergency situations (power outages), rolling blackouts, wind & power losses, home refrigerators, cultivation, and more.

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    How much dry ice do you need?

    5 lbs. 18 hrs.
    7 lbs. 24 hrs.
    10 lbs. 36 hrs.
    15 lbs. 48 hrs.
    20 lbs. 72 hrs.
    • COOLING & FREEZING – When dry ice is used for cooling, place it in the bottom of container. Do not allow food or cans to have direct contact. When dry ice is used for freezing, place on top of items you want frozen.
    • COOLERS FOR CAMPING, HUNTING & FISHING – Place dry ice in the bottom of your cooler. Cover it completely with regular ice. Then pack your cooler as normal with food and beverage items. The dry ice will keep items cold for 3 or 4 days.
    • SHIPPING FROZEN FOOD – Ship frozen food items with a block of dry ice in a tightly sealed insulated container to ensure it remains frozen.
    • PRESERVE YOUR FISH & GAME – Pack the game or fish in dry ice to ensure that it does not spoil. Do not allow direct contact of the game or fish with dry ice as this may cause superficial damage.
    • CREATE FOG – Fill a large metal bowl ½ full of hot water and add 1 to 2 lbs. of dry ice every 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure the water remains hot as hotter water will make more fog. Smaller pieces of dry ice with more surface area produce a greater volume of fog and cool the water down much faster than a larger block.
    • COOL YOUR BEER KEG – Keep your beer keg cold by placing pieces of dry ice mixed with the wet ice around keg.
    • SHRINK METAL – Dry ice will shrink metal to slide on sleeves, bushings, or bearings. Use it to repair car dings by placing a block directly into center of dent for a moment and the dent may pop out.


    Safe Handling

    Dry ice temperature is extremely cold at –110°F.  Never let dry ice touch your bare skin!  Always handle with protective insulated gloves. Do not eat dry ice or place dry ice in drinks. Keep dry ice away from children.

    How to Pack Dry Ice

    When packing a container with dry ice, fill the empty space with wadded newspaper or other filler. Any “dead air space” will cause the dry ice to sublimate quicker. Lining the inside of your ice chest with sheets of Styrofoam will increase the life of dry ice. Dry ice sublimation (changing from a solid to a gas) will vary depending on the temperature, air pressure, and thickness of insulation. The more dry ice you have stored in the container, the longer it will last.


    Store dry ice in an insulated container. Do not store dry ice in a completely airtight container. Keep dry ice stored in properly ventilated areas.  Do not store dry ice in unventilated rooms, cellars, autos, or boat holds. Do not store dry ice in a refrigerator freezer.


    The best container to transport dry ice is an ice chest. It will still sublimate five to ten pounds each 24 hours, so plan to pick up the dry ice as close as possible to the time it will be used. If it is transported inside a car or van for more than 10 minutes, make sure there is fresh air.


    When finished with the dry ice, unwrap and leave it at room temperature in a well ventilated area.  It will sublimate from a solid to a gas.  Do not leave dry ice unattended around children.